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Mostocotto Cooked Must
Mostocotto Cooked Must
Mostocotto Cooked Must

Mostocotto Cooked Must


Our Mostocotto Cooked Must is a traditional product of the whole Abruzzo regionFollowing the tradition the grape used in Montepulciano.

How does it made ?

The preparation procedure has different steps and starts with a normal pressing of the grape, using the same techniques used for the wine preparation. The must obtain is then filtered to be separated from the grape skin and pips. After that the musts starts the cooking. Once it reaches the boiling points, the must is left over a low flame until it gets thickened around 8 hours. At the end the cooked must volume is around 4 times smaller and it is ready to bottled. The procedure is part of the oldest Abruzzo agriculture traditions.

On the palate

Mostocotto is used since always as one of the most important ingredients of all our traditional dishes and sweets. It can be also used as dressing for cantucci, salad and ice cream, also as pairing for seasoned cheeses and grilled meat.

100% grape must 

250ml glass bottle