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Italian White Truffle - Tuber Magnatum
Italian White Truffle - Tuber Magnatum
Italian White Truffle - Tuber Magnatum
Italian White Truffle - Tuber Magnatum
Italian White Truffle - Tuber Magnatum
Italian White Truffle - Tuber Magnatum

Italian White Truffle - Tuber Magnatum


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The Italian White Truffle or Trifola d'Alba Madonna (Tuber Magnatum Pico or Alba truffle) is the most expensive and prestigious food product in the world due to the unique and exceptional flavour and its rarity, very few are found by dogs every season. Its prestige is justified also by the fact that they cannot be cultivated so they are found only in the wild.


On the skin the truffle is smooth and lightly velvety, with a color varying from dark cream, greenish to a lightly pale tan. The flesh is light yellow, to grey with white marbling. Some of the truffles that grow in conjunction with beech tree have a slight red stain.

On the nose:

This intesily scented truffles has notes of fresh cheese, deep forest earthy scents on the nose, reminding of the trees next where it grows (oak, beech tree, lime poplar, willow tree and other hard wood trees)

On the palate

The flavour is unique, with a hint of spice, reminding of fresh garlic and parmesan.The sublime and intense flavours will make any of your dishes exceptional.

Best used raw, just shaved on your dishes. With its extremely strong aroma you will need only small quantities to make a fantastic flavourful dish. Around 10-15gm per person.


We take care to deliver your truffles with temperature controlled shipping and in the most suitable packaging to protect this extremely precious product. 

Due to the nature of the product, we will try to match your piece size preference. However, since is a wild natural product we will match smaller pieces for a total weight if we are unable to find a whole piece. If the whole size piece or combination thereof exceeds the weight will offer the bigger piece/s, if preferred, by contacting you and integrating the price based on your initial average price per gram.

*The pictures above are for reference only. Truffles vary naturally in shape, size and color.

We sell only whole raw, wild and FRESH truffles (not preserved). Delivery is on pre-order basis and subject to availability due to the nature of the product.

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