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Italian Muscat Truffle - Brumale
Italian Muscat Truffle - Brumale

Italian Muscat Truffle - Brumale


The Italian Muscat Truffle also known as "Trifola Nera" or Brumale truffle (Tuber brumale vittad.) is a winter truffle that grows with hazels and linden trees, easily to recognize beacause of its strong spicy fragrance.


The skin is smoother than other black truffles with fine warts that are easy to break during brushing and washing so extra care is needed during cleaning. The skin color is dark brown to black. The glebe is firm and solid, depending on maturity starts off with whitish color, maturing to gray-brown and gray-black as the season develops. The main distinguishing characteristic of this truffle are the wide broad veins.

On the nose:

The smell is pleasant and very strong reminding of bitter yeast, fermented fruit, musk, hazelnuts and nuts. Variable depending on maturity.

On the palate

Peppery, reminding of nutmeg and hazelnuts, very strongly flavoured.

Portion size

Around 15 - 20gm per person.


We take care to deliver your truffles with temperature controlled shipping and in the most suitable packaging to protect this extremely precious product. 

Due to the nature of the product, we will try to match your piece size preference. However, since is a wild natural product we will match smaller pieces for a total weight if we are unable to find a whole piece. If the whole size piece or combination thereof exceeds the weight will offer the bigger piece/s, if preferred, by contacting you and integrating the price based on your initial average price per gram.

*The pictures above are for reference only. Truffles vary naturally in shape, size and color.

We sell only whole raw, wild and FRESH truffles (not preserved). Delivery is on pre-order basis and subject to availability due to the nature of the product.

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