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Italian Spring White Truffle - Bianchetto
Italian Spring White Truffle - Bianchetto
Italian Spring White Truffle - Bianchetto
Italian Spring White Truffle - Bianchetto

Italian Spring White Truffle - Bianchetto


Available in Spring Only

The Italian white spring truffle or bianchetto truffle (Tuber albidum Pico o Tuber borchii Vittad.) similar to the alba truffle or white truffle magnatum is a completely different truffle! Less precious than the mangatum it is equally interesting with a very strong garlic-spicy flavour. Ideal for who enjoys strong flavoured dishes.


Pieces are almost always small in size ranging from 5 to 20gm with whitish skin and red - rust like spots can become brown ochre with reddish spots as it matures. The glebe is whitish first than beige to reddish brown as the season develops with marbled white large veins.

On the nose

Strong garlicky smell, tuber like, can be very strong

On the palate

Very strong garlicky, spicy and peppery taste

Ideally to be cooked with rich butter and cheese sauces, eggs and omelettes

Around 15 - 20gm per person.

Bianchetto truffles are naturlly small in size and rarely exceed 20gm in size, the quantity requested above refers to the total weight of the pieces ordered.


We take care to deliver your truffles with temperature controlled shipping and in the most suitable packaging to protect this extremely precious product. 

Due to the nature of the product, we will try to match your piece size preference. However, since is a wild natural product we will match smaller pieces for a total weight if we are unable to find a whole piece. If the whole size piece or combination thereof exceeds the weight will offer the bigger piece/s, if preferred, by contacting you and integrating the price based on your initial average price per gram.

*The pictures above are for reference only. Truffles vary naturally in shape, size and color.

We sell only whole raw, wild and FRESH truffles (not preserved). Delivery is on pre-order basis and subject to availability due to the nature of the product.

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