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Falanghina IGT 2015 - Buy in Hong Kong - Supplier Delcivino - Due Maestà - Best Italian Wine

Falanghina IGT 2015

Falanghina grape has been cultivated for centuries in italy and is recognised as an ancient italian white wine grape. It was used to make one of the most famous wine during the times of the Roman Empire.

Nowadays is quite rare to find Falanghina vines in the mediterrenean areas but we at Due Maesta' decided to restore the reputation of this once venerated grape.

The berries have yellow - light green skin and are coated with a thin layer of protective wax.

Grapes: 100% Falanghina grapes

Grape harvest: Last ten days of September

Tasting notes: Straw-like yellow colour with green reflections. An intense fruity scent, containing hints of strawberry and citrus fruits with a backdrop of green tea and apple with a touch of mineral notes. A full lasting taste