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Due Maestà

We are the reference in Hong Kong for fresh truffles, we take to you a full range of the best italian truffles, delivering only the freshest after accurate selection of the best pieces.
We will provide you from the prestigious white truffle (tuber magnatum)  to all the seasonal black truffles like Uncinato, black summer truffles, black winter truffles (melanosporum) and we are proud to provide also very rare to find to find in the supply market in Hong Kong like Italian Muscat Truffle and Bianchetto truffles (spring white truffle).
Our wine is produced on the Itallian hills in the hearth of the historical region of Abruzzo.
The favourable climate, soil but most importantly the experience and passion of our people make possible to keep our authentic and traditional product alive year after year. Our grapes are only from family owned vineyards, this is an essential part since is the only way to ensure the best quality from grape to glass.
For generations this has been our passion that is kept alive today in a ritual that follows the nature of the seasons.
Our Extra Virgin Olive oil is produced in the rich soils of our Abruzzo hills, our prized product is the result of generations of experience and we provide the authentic extra virgin olive oil, difficult to find even locally in italy but now available to you.
A must try to see what authentic extra virgin olive oil taste like.
Nonno Mimi