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About Us


Due Maesta' is a private brand developed by Delcivino.  

Our premium products directly produced from our families for generations means we really understand the importance of preserving our environment and that quality means no compromise from farm to your table.


Our Mission

With Due Maestà we represent boutique and luxurious products made from our families. We represent the excellence of our territory with our exclusive line of Wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fresh Truffles. Our goal is to make available very difficult to find and rare products even locally in Italy. Now you have the luck to try the "real" small produced like an artcraft Wine and Olive Oil. Also we pride to deliver to you from our land one of the most rare to find product in the world: Fresh Truffles. 

To keep the best quality we always produce small quantities hand picking and selecting every single grape that goes in your bottles. Our wines are like art crafts and uniquely produced for you.


Our Land

Due Maestà Italy map

We are from Abruzzo and for generations we worked on a land where our Grandparents with great passion and enthusiasm made possible for our products to be renowned all around the world. Abruzzo sits between the highest mountains of central Italy on the west and the Adriatic sea on the east, since its favourable location gentle breezes blow on our hills make it an ideal spot to grow our flavour rich grapes. Our region is recognized as one of the greenest of Italy and the purity of our territory is fully reflected in our wine crafted to the highest standards of authenticiy and naturalness.


Our Wines, Truffles and Olive Oil

From vine to grape, and from grape to your bottle is what matters for a successful product. To have an exeptional product delivered to your glass it is important that the whole process starting from the vine is done with meticulous attention in every phase. The only way to do this is because of our people. Our Olive trees grow alongside our vines, some of them are 100 years old, expressing all the character and flavour of our land. We make a special olive oil difficult to find even locally, being a rare product.


Good wine goes with good food

You will be able to pair our wine with any of your favourite dishes. With our range of wines, from the fresh fruity flavours of Trebbiano d'Abruzzo to the spicy plummy notes of our signature Montepulciano d'Abruzzo you will be able to complement flavours on your table or enjoy the full flavours of the wine on its own.

Passion of our people

Our people make possible to bring to life grapes that make our wine so special, this is possible because we source our wine only from winery owned wineyards to be sure that from the first step we can control and strive for the best quality possible.