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White Truffle Hong Kong Italian white truffles (Tuber magnatum) are the most esteemed between any variety of truffles. White truffle can also be found in the hills around Abruzzo, where Due Maesta and Delcivino are from.

They grow symbiotically with oak, hazel, poplar and beech and fruiting in autumn, they can reach 12 cm (5 in) diameter and 500 g, though are usually much smaller (between 8 to 10 gm). They are the most valuable food product on the market, being the most expensive, and rare food in the world.

The white truffle season officially starts on the 15th of September until the middle of December.

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About White Truffles

  • In the hand, the color of White Truffle is ivory to chestnut;
  • In shape, it has the unpredictability and smoothness of river-bed  pebbles;
  • The exterior, the peridium, will be lightly dusted with its natural bloom on the skin;
  • The interior, the glebum is cream to ivory to dark brown with darker veining;
  • The size, one large truffle is always preferable to two smaller ones of the same weight;
  • The smell, the fragrance should be overwhelmingly pungent,clean,sweet and fresh, and with a classic sign of decay.

White truffle should never be cooked at all but shaved very thinly onto something hot and preferably buttery. White truffles are suitable for appetizers, pasta, meat and fish dishes, eggs, filling for handmade pasta, pizza, focacce, flatbread and dry pasta. Best used raw, just shaved on your dishes. With its extremely strong aroma you will need only small quantities to make a fantastic flavourful dish. Around 10-15gm per person.

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