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Wine and food pairing is an art rather than an exact science and is a question of flavors balancing.

The old rule that white wine with seafood and red wine with red meats no longer apply.
Here are some easy-to-remember tips:

1. Think about the dish or meal as a whole. Identify most expressive components and don't look to its main ingredient. Consider the dish as a whole, identify the dominant flavors and textures.

2. Match the texture of the food with the texture of the wine: rich food with rich wine and light food with light wine. A light wine, whether white or red, will be overpowered by a rich dish like steak. If you pair a light food with a heavy wine, or vice versa, things won't necessarily taste bad, they'll just seem out of balance.

3. Match Acids with Acids. If the wine has less acidity than the food, the wine will taste flat. When pairing a dish with wine, consider the acid balance between the food and the wine. With a high-acid dish you want to complement that acidity with a high-acid wine.

4. Match your regional items with regional wines. If you aren’t sure what wine pairs with what food, pair with regions. Italian food will always go with a regional wine. Regional matches aren’t always the perfect pairing, however they provide a template for us to understand more about what’s going on structurally with wine & food pairings. This isn't a requirement, but often helps simplify the decision. Remember that foods generally go best with the wines they grew up with.

5. Drink what you like! What you like to drink always takes precedence over any rule. Follow your personal preferences, experiment with different food with our wine combinations to develope your particular taste!

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