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First of all white wines must be served cooler while red wine can be better tasted at room temperature. A wine that is served too cold is easily warmed, but a wine served too warm can be difficult to chill. If a wine is served too cold, you can warm it with your hands by cupping the bowl. A wine that is too warm tastes alcoholic and is not a pleasure to drink.

So when you drink white wine you should never touch the glass but only the stem, while when you drink red wines you can take the glass where you prefer.

When you order a bottle of wine, the sommelier should always open it in front of you, because if the cork is broken that means the wine is no good, so the sommelier should change your bottle immediately. If the cork is a bit soaked in wine that is normal.

The older the bottle, the more the wine needs to breath. This means that sometimes you will notice that the very first sip of your wine is a bit acidic but then as it oxygenates the taste becomes more full and pleasant. If you swirl the wine, you will help it oxygenate faster.

Stay with us as we will continue the journey about wine tasting. This is just the beginning!

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