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Premium Italian wines are on the fast track to the hearts of Asian consumers. Why? They offer EXCELLENT VALUE for outstanding quality. The best italian wines boast UNIQUE FLAVOUR and character. And Italian wines have exactly what the discerning international consumer is seraching for: fresh acidities, polished tannins, and balanced fruit, GIVING PLEASURE to the sophisticated palate.

How good a wine is depends on how it is produced. THE LAND must be appropriate for growing that specific vine and the wine must be produced following the traditional method, so with no chemical additives.
THE TASTE also depends a lot on the weather: there has to be the perfect balance of rain and sun: too much rain makes wine watery, while too much sun makes it too sweet and very alcoholic.

That is why the quality depends on the year of production - the same year can be good for one region and one kind of wine, and awful for another.

Good wine is rarely cheap. GOOD QUALITY wine cannot be mass produced: the more space the vines have, the more sustenance they get from the earth - consequently the grapes are more savory as is the wine. Sometimes the difference between two different wines from the same region is only the distance between the plants!

Italian wines work wondefully with ALL TYPES OF FOOD, from simple pasta with diced tomatoes to grilled steaks, form Pecking duck to spicy cantonese prawns.

Put simply, drinkability and food compatibility make Italian wines attractive – they were created to be relished around a table. Italians, after all, consider wine to be an essential part lof every meal. Wine is to be shared with delicious fare, with FRIENDS, with loved ones and FAMILY, and with PASSION, like Due Maestà Wine!