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Here we are at the most important step of the wine making: THE FERMENTATION.
After harvest grape and pressing the must is moved in some tanks where starts the fermentation and it can be of three kinds:

- RED fermentation that gives rise to red wines: the must remains on the peels in order to allow the dissolution of polyphenols and scents contained in the peels and in the grape pips. This is the way how Due Maestà “MONTEPULCIANO” is produced!

- WHITE fermentation gives rise to white wines: it’s obtained by removing immediately the must from the peels and from grape pips. So the wine will be almost less of tannin, delicate and fresh flavour and fruit smell, just like Due Maestà wine “PECORINO”!

 - And finally there is also the rosè vinification with a short steeping of the solid part in the must between 24 and 36 hours.


 Now there is no secrets for you about wine making! You can drink Due Maestà wine thinking about the traditional Italian way to make wine, but we haven’t talked about the ageing and the sparkling wine that is a big news for Delcivino.
Stay tuned!!!