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White Truffles

Fresh wild truffles are rare and precious. These delicacies are called   diamonds and gold” for their distinctive color, the price that they command and for their status as the best. A portion of the precious find is put back into the ground to act as a spore and repopulate once the truffle is unearthed, truffles immediately begin losing water to evaporation as soon as they're dug up. Fresh truffles are usually delivery within 48 hours before they are underground. Therefore, Fresh wild truffles are best enjoyed as soon as possible when you get your hands otherwise they will lose moisture and aroma continually.

How will I receive my Truffles?

Your truffles will be packaged in a glass jar in rice. Quite interesting huh? Rice is one of the ideal medium to keep the humidity in check and keep a good insulation of your precious product.  

How to Preserve Truffles


After receiving your truffles, remove them from their packaging, using tongs or gloves rather than handling them with your hands. Fresh truffles can be stored in the refrigerator for maximum 5 days.Use them fresh ! Keep the container in the crisper compartment of your refrigerator avoiding the cooler areas of the fridge.Remember! Moisture is the truffles's worst enemy so no washing until last minute. Store your fresh Truffles in a dry sealed glass jar with rice or towel paper sand replace the paper towel every 24 hours to avoid moisture.


If you decide to freeze truffles, you can preserve them for maximum 3 months in the freezer. Proper cleaning after being vacuum packed. Be careful not to have too much moisture in the container before freezing. Do not thaw frozen truffles before otherwise they wll become spongy, loose texture and break. Shave them frozen or if used for cooking, cook them while frozen.

如何保存新鮮松露 真空密封包裝急凍

How to Prepare your truffles for use

The truffles that you receive in your glass jar will be already cleaned from soil and dirt. The final steps involve washing them with as least water as possibile and a brush (a clean toothbrush with hard bristle will do the trick). Truffles, like mushrooms, absorbe very quickly water that can spoil the product. Clean them with water only immediately prior use!

How to enjoy your truffles

The ways to enjoy black truffles are simple, traditional italian recipes are sliced them thinly on to steamed eggs omelettes, risotto or pasta. For Asian fusion recipes you can also wrap thin slices truffles around firm-bodied fish fillets or seared sea scallop.

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