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Due Maestà Extra Virgin Olive oil organic produced to satisfy the most complex palate. Our Olive Oil is produced on the hills of Chieti, the hearth of the historical region of Abruzzo. Our ancient Olive trees are a distinctive component of our landscape and as one of the most perfect food from our history. Our Olive Oil made from hand picked Italian
premium olives in Extra Virginity produced in limited quantities by our farm. Organic quality, early harvesting and an exclusive method of extraction and storage give our extra virgin Olive Oil a high phenolic content, expressed in an intense fruity flavor that is sweetly bitter and pungent with a decidedly grassy taste with true colour and deep taste, extremely sought and precious.

Color: Golden yellow with green highlights and reflections

On the Nose:Fruity olive scents with vegetal notes of chicory, artichokes and lettuces with a finish of rosemary.

Tasting notes: Clean and smooth on the palate with vegetal notes, black pepper, walnut and artichoke.

Food pairing: Ideal for seafood antipasti, boiled beans, lentil salads, baked potatoes, vegetable soups, risotto with mushrooms, pasta, freshly baked bread, seafood and pizza.
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