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Sangiovese wine is the essence of some of Italian iconic wines, like Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino and it's one of the most important wine grape variety grown in Italy.
The name Sangiovese litteraly means "blood of Jove", Jove being the supreme god of Roman mythology. For this reason it is believed that Sangiovese grapes were cultivated by the Etruscans thousand years ago.
It's a grape that has a large range of flavours, from fruity to savory: mulberry, cherry, prune, fig, cinnamon and sometimes tobacco and chestnuts.
When picked at the right time Sangiovese grapes creates wine with delicious structure, high in acidity and tannins.

 This acidity makes possible a perfect match with every food especially with tomato-based dishes, seafood, pasta and pizza.
The acidity also ensures the perfect complement to foods with natural fats or oils to clean palate.
Try Due Maestà Sangiovese and you'll see!