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Passerina grape is an ancient vine variety found in the central Italy between Abruzzo and Marche regions. This white wine is also known as Cacciadebito, Pagadebito and Uva d’Oro because of the large quantities grapes produced by which farmers could pay off their debts. Some believe the name Passerina derives from “Passero”, the italian word for “sparrow” the bird known to Italian vinegrowers for its voracious appetite for ripe Passerina grapes. The italian suffix – ina is a diminutive that indicates the small dimension of this cultivar’s berries.

Abruzzo’s Passerina grapes are intensely colored yellow and the berry’s skin is quite thick. The harvest begins after the second decade of September and the grapes ripen with an high level of sugar but at the same time are hig in acidity. This wine tend to have strong notes of ripes citrus and tropical fruit. Due Maestà Passerina is soft and fresh on the palate with floreal and fruity notes and a delicate mineral tone.

Food matches for Passerina includes: seafood starters, roasted fish with lemon, Linguine alle vongole (pasta with clams) and chicken wrap truffle scented.